USAMTS Entry, Permission, and Solution Forms
  • USAMTS Entry Form Year 19 - Each participating student must submit a completed and signed Entry Form each year.
  • USAMTS Permission Form - Before listing your name on our Leaders page or including your work among the official solutions, we must have the your and your parent's permissions. Also, some educational institutions, such as colleges and mathematics summer programs, sometimes request student contact information. We only provide your name and address for these requests (no email addresses) if we have the permission of you and your parents. Permission may be revoked at any time via the Profile page once you are a registered participant, or by contacting us at or (619) 445-0112. Please note, that once permission has been given to include a your solution, permission to reprint that solution with attribution cannot be revoked. (There is a copy of the Permissions Form attached to the Entry Form. If you have completed that Permissions Form, then you do not need to complete this one!)
  • USAMTS Under 13 Permission Form - In order to comply with the COPPA Act, we must have the Under 13 Permission Form signed by any student under 13 who wishes to participate in the USAMTS.
  • USAMTS Solution Form - If you are handwriting solutions, you should use this form to write your solutions. Please note that you should print your name and USAMTS User ID on every page, along with the round and problem numbers. No piece of paper should have work for more than one problem.

You may submit the Entry Form and the Under 13 Permission Form with your first set of solutions. The USAMTS Permission Form may be submitted at any time, and is not required for USAMTS participation. If you are emailing your solutions to us, you can send the Entry and Permission forms separately via snail mail.

You will need Adobe Acrobat Reader to view the above forms; the Reader is available for free here.

USAMTS LaTeX Templates

Please note: You do not have to use LaTeX; you may handwrite your solutions if you wish.

Students using to typeset their solutions are strongly encouraged to use the template files provided by the USAMTS. (Click here to learn how to use .)

Click here for the template solutions file. This is the file you should use to input your solutions. Instructions for how to use it are included in the file. You must also download the following two files.

Click here to download the USAMTS include file. This file must be in the same folder as your solutions file.

Click here to download fancyhdr.sty. This file must also be in the same folder as your solutions file. If you have already installed fancyhdr with your LaTeX, then you don't need to do this. If you don't know if you have fancyhdr already, then you should download this file and put it in the same folder as your solutions file.


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