The USAMTS awards prize books, mathematical software, and T-shirts to the top 45% of students. The prize levels are:

Gold winners each receive 3 prize books, silver and bronze winners each receive 2 prize books, and honorable mention winners receive 1 prize book. Higher prize levels get to select their prizes sooner. Recent prize books include:

In past years, all prize recipients also received free one-year subscriptions to Wolfram Mathematica and WolframAlpha Pro. We thank Wolfram Research for generously donating these prizes. We hope to be able to offer similar prizes again this year.

Additionally, all prize recipients receive a USAMTS T-shirt featuring one of the problems from the year’s contest.

All students who score 68 or higher (out of 75) on the USAMTS qualify to take the American Invitational Mathematics Examination (AIME), which is the second contest in the process of selecting the team that will represent the USA at the International Mathematical Olympiad.